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Sabbath Activities for Families / Children
Submitted by Judy St Germain

 As a mom with kids -- Sabbath's sometimes can seem long and boring. Over the years we've tried various things to fill in the hours. I appreciate websites that give ideas for helping families make Sabbath interesting and special. So I hope we could have a page of really great ideas for families / kids.

Here were some ideas that we've tried, the list could be expanded. I can send links to provide how-to resources for each section as soon as I find them.
This plan is submitted by a Church member.

1. Nature Activites:
Identifying wild edible plants in our area
learning to light a campfire without matches
List nature trails/ parks and walking trails in the Dauphin area

2. Computer Games and Funsites:
Your Story Hour -- great dramatized stories
Brookfield Zoo - Dolphin Game -- Games and stories

3. Writers
Rewrite PILGRIMS PROGRESS in your own words

4. Crafts and Creative Activities
Papercrafts - snow flakes or paper quill flowers
Lapbooking - Bible times/ geography, parables, Proverbs, Bible heros

5. Easy and Delicious Sabbath Menus - recipes
We invite you to submit your favorite recipies.

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